How Old Are the Attack on Titan Characters? Ages Chart & Birthdays

Step into the captivating universe of Hajime Isayama’s blockbuster manga series, Attack on Titan. In this vibrant post-apocalyptic world teeming with Titans and the brave humans who confront them, age is more than just a number—it’s a testament to survival, experience, and growth. From the fiery spirit of Eren Yeager to the steely resolve of Mikasa Ackerman, from the tactical genius of Armin Arlert to the courageous hearts of the Survey Corps, age has shaped their destinies in ways that are both subtle and profound.

CharacterBirthdayAge S1Age S4
Eren JeagerMarch 30th1519
Mikasa AckermannFebruary 10th1519
Armin ArleltNovember 3rd1519
Levi AckermannDecember 25th30-3434-39
Bertholdt HooverDecember 30th1721
Hange ZoëSeptember 5th28-3233-36
Historia ReissJanuary 15th1519
Erwin SmithOctober 14th35-39n/a1
Sasha BrausJuly 26th1519
Connie SpringerMay 2nd1519
Jean KirschteinApril 7th1519
Reiner BraunAugust 1st1721
Zeke JeagerAugust 1st2529
YmirFebruary 17th17-1921-23
Kennedy AckermannFebruary 4th40-45n/a1
Annie LeonhartMarch 22nd16n/a1
Marco BodtJune 16th15n/a1
Floch ForsterOctober 8th1519
Miche ZachariusNovember 1st40-42n/a1
Moblit BernerApril 24th30-32n/a1
Petra RallDecember 6th22-25n/a1
Dot PyxisSeptember 13th48-5252-56
Gabi BraunApril 14thn/a212
Porco GalliardNovember 11thn/a219
Pieck FingerAugust 5th1721
Colt GriceAugust 12thn/a217-19
Falco GriceFebruary 10thn/a212
Lara TyburApril 3rd24-27n/a1
Frieda ReissFebruary 2ndn/a3n/a

1 Died before season 4
2 Introduced in season 4
3 Died before the events of season 1

Attack on Titan Character Age Chart

Listed below are the birthdays and ages of the AOT characters in season 1 (S1) and season 4 (S4):

  • Eren Jeager (March 30th)
    • Age during most of seasons 1 – 3 (set in 850): 15
    • Age in season 4 after the 4-year time skip: 19
    • Eren underwent a substantial growth spurt, growing from 5’7″ (170.2 cm) to 6″ (182.9 cm) during this time.
    • When season 1 begins with Eren’s hometown being attacked in 845, he is only 10 years old, and Eren swears revenge on the Titans responsible for his mother’s death. So, once season 1 is in full swing, he joins the 104th Survey Training Corps at 15 years old in the year 850.
  • Mikasa Ackermann (February 10th)
    • Joins the Training Corps at the same time as Eren at 15 years old.
    • A month older than Eren.
    • Like Eren, Mikasa is 19 years old once season 4 starts.
    • From the moment she is introduced in season 1, she is very emotionally mature and acts more level-headed than many of the adult characters.
  • Armin Arlelt (November 3rd)
    • Also joins the Training Corps at 15 years old.
    • Armin’s intelligence and strategic thinking play a crucial role throughout the series.
  • Levi Ackermann (December 25th)
    • Age during seasons 1 – 3: 30-34
    • Age in season 4: 34-39
    • Levi is known for his exceptional combat skills and stoic demeanor.
  • Hange Zoë (September 5th)
    • Age during seasons 1 – 3: 28-32
    • Age in season 4: 33-36
    • Hange is the inquisitive and passionate leader of the Survey Corps.

And the list goes on! Each character’s age and birthday contribute to their unique development and impact on the story. Whether they’re battling Titans or navigating complex relationships, time plays a significant role in shaping their fates.

Remember, in the world of Attack on Titan, age isn’t just a number—it’s a testament to survival and growth! 

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