What Happened To Jordan Brown From Kindig-It

Jordan Brown, formerly of Kindig-It Design, left to pursue new ventures in car restoration and mentor at-risk youth. His legacy continues through custom paint jobs, fabrication projects, and community impact.

Jordan Brown, once a cornerstone of Kindig-It Design’s fabrication team, made a significant decision that left fans and followers both shocked and supportive. His departure from the company marked a pivotal moment in car restoration culture, inviting enthusiasts to witness innovation and community impact firsthand. But what really happened to Jordan from Kindig-It? Let’s delve into the details.

The Departure

Jordan left Kindig-It Design to pursue new ventures in car restoration and to mentor at-risk youth. This decision was shaped by personal growth and the desire for new challenges. His background in Physics from the University of Utah significantly contributed to his role as a talented fabricator within the company. When he bid farewell to the familiar garage doors, fans wondered about the reasons behind his departure. While the circumstances were not publicly disclosed, it’s believed that a mix of personal and professional factors played a role.

Beyond Kindig-It

Since leaving Kindig-It Design, Jordan has continued to pursue his passion for cars and painting. He set up his own shop, where he takes on custom paint jobs and fabrication projects. This move allowed him more control over his schedule and quality time with loved ones. But fans have been curious about his absence from the show in recent seasons. Let’s explore what he’s been up to:

1. Custom Paint Jobs

Jordan’s expertise extends beyond wrenches and welding. His shop specializes in custom paint jobs, transforming classic cars into rolling works of art. Whether it’s a sleek metallic finish or a vibrant candy coat, Jordan’s attention to detail shines through.

2. Fabrication Projects

His hands-on approach continues as he tackles fabrication projects. From restoring vintage muscle cars to creating one-of-a-kind custom builds, Jordan’s craftsmanship remains unmatched. Each weld, each curve, tells a story of dedication and skill.

3. Community Impact

But Jordan’s journey isn’t just about cars; it’s about people. He actively contributes to the car restoration community through initiatives like Project Wreckless. This program helps at-risk teens learn valuable skills by working on cars. Jordan’s mentorship provides hope and direction to those who need it most.

Jordan’s departure from Kindig-It Design was a surprise, but it opened doors to new opportunities. His transition speaks to the dynamics of change, growth, and passion within the niche world of car restoration. As he blends classic styles with modern technology and mentors the next generation, Jordan’s legacy continues to evolve. So, the next time you see a beautifully restored classic car cruising down the street, remember that behind the scenes, there’s a fabricator-turned-mentor making a difference—one car at a time.

Remember, the road ahead is as exciting as the one left behind. Jordan Brown’s journey beyond the garage is a testament to that truth.

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